12 Tips to Finish Your Dissertation Successfully



Our topic of discussion for today is related to all those research students who are facing extreme problems in completion of their dissertation. As we are approaching the end of our bench work, the students mind become panicky to copy down all of the details in a form of complete, precise, confined and authentic document (called as Dissertation) which should definitely meet required specifications.Here are the quick tips which will nurture your mind during the writing:

1: Key Points to Remember

Firstly keep in mind the key points:

• Focus of mind
• Work strategy
• Productivity
• Freedom from fear
• Selection of good advisor
• Deadlines for each point of discussion
• Optimism even in failures

Now I will briefly describe essential guidelines to be followed:

2: Perseverance

To write a dissertation, an intelligence of mind is more important as compare to your writing passion. In order to finish the dissertation with flying colors, all you need is to have perseverance. When you start writing with full determination and confidence you will come across that this was simple, as you have already made experiments and written many essays earlier in academics and this dissertation is simply combining of all these reports.

3: Statistics

Do not forget to ask the statistics of your dissertation with your supervisor. The total word count (including or excluding the bibliography), the minimum or maximum length as writing without the set word count will be useless and chances of time wastage will be increased and in consequences, you will get extra work to do.

4: Selection of Topic

It would be more challenging and exciting if you write on the topic of your choice. You must have a session with your advisor for the discussion of appropriate topic which matches your personality as it will boost level of energy and passion in your writing.

5: Organization

Keep in mind that you don’t have to write an essay because you are actually writing a scientific validated document which will be published if approved, and so make it more presentable by organizing different sections. Do not mix introduction and conclusion as this is the most common mistake, a scholar can observe.

6: Technology Usage

Use your mobile phones or different apps; make your To Do list with their dedicated deadlines. Set a flag/reminder/alarm with them in order to have a proper follow up. Shift the completed items in the “Done Menu” and refresh your TO DO list.

7: Division of Units

Break your long discussion into small units which could be managed easily. The rewriting of these smaller sections is also easy as there are several turns come in mind which will change the whole paragraph so, editing a divided text will be easier.

8: Margins of Corrections

End up all the subsections with the ending lines having margins of comments. This will bring perfection in the dissertation along with the defeat of fear for disapproval of small sections rather than the whole thesis.

9: Missing Gaps

By analyzing and reading individual sections, start brain storming and answer the questions. It happens that when you write an item continuously there may have some gaps in your writing. Do not overlook them but pay attention, mark them in your conclusion as areas for further investigation.

10: Jumbled the Sessions

If you feel boredom or stuck at any point, jumble your mind on another section. Change is better in most of the cases when you are writing. Unlimited Ideas, words, plans, designs, structure come in mind when you move ahead in different channels.At once, while switching another section, you may observe a spark, a brilliant point, a word of completion for your previous section on which you were stuck.

11: Sharing of Views

Discuss your main idea, theme and the results with the person who is in the same field. The sharing may give you more points, roots of discussion and freshness in your writing.

12: Exclusivity

Get the instruction, theme, topic, points, discussion, methodology etc. from your instructor, but do not copy them totally. Keep your work as distinct, present them in your own exclusive way and in terms of valid and firm information which may compel the readers to read from start till end.

Final Words

Dissertation writing is quite a difficult task to finish but with more focus and high passion, you can achieve this seemingly impossible target. Before you start writing, have a second look at all of the above discussed points to make things easier for you.

Need Dissertation Help? Avoid Making These Five Mistakes


Choosing a dissertation topic is surely the most important step towards writing a dissertation and a large number of people find it a real big challenge for them to face because the entire writing process depends upon the topic. When you start working on a writing project, you have to spend many days and nights to finish it and if you couldn’t make a right choice in the very beginning of the process, you may later realize that the topic is being bloated. However, if you can avoid making 5 common mistakes, you will be able to create a great dissertation topic.

Mistake #1: Choosing a Topic with Inaccessible Data

This is the biggest mistake often made by the students that they choose a topic on which they can’t easily find the data. When they are searching for ideas, they find some really great ones but they got inspired with it and forget how they will actually be accessing and collecting data. Remember, if you are unable to obtain or create necessary data, your research work can’t be completed which simply means your project will be stuck at a certain stage and you won’t find yourself moving ahead.

Mistake # 2: Getting Flooded with Topic Ideas

When a student is assigned a dissertation, he may be overburden and rather than doing some research on his own, seek advice from seniors, classmates, friends or family and there is nothing wrong in getting help from others, however, when you approach many people, you get flooded with numerous ideas and sometimes, it becomes almost impossible to choose one great idea. When you get advices, that’s easy but it is not necessary that you will always find that idea workable. Therefore, the best option is to seek for a topic yourself first and when you find no better option and need dissertation help from experts, you can seek for others help.

Mistake # 3:Working on Too Ambitious Topic

When you choose a topic that is too ambitious and comes with lots of variables, it becomes difficult for you to work on it. In case a topic has lots of variables, the writer finds it really tough task to do proper research over the subject. In addition to this, writing also becomes too difficult and the end results come as meaningless. If you choose this type of a topic, this is going to be a very painful and long process and you will find it never ending. Therefore, you should always choose a topic which can be completed painlessly.

Mistake # 4: Expanding Topic Unnecessarily

When you start working on a new topic, you may not have enough knowledge in the beginning but when you have frequent talk to the advisor and start doing research, your topic may grow bigger which seems great but can be a big mistake because by doing this, you will lose control over the subject and the reader may not reach exactly to the point due to excessive information. Therefore, it is also good to set some boundaries to avoid confusions.

Mistake # 5: Ignoring Proper Planning Before Writing

Another mistake commonly made by the students is that they start working on dissertation without having a proper plan that how they will be examining every aspect of the project to complete it in time. This approach leads them to destruction of the entire project when they fail to achieve the actual objectives of the project. Therefore, when you start working on your project, you must know how you will be collecting the required data or information necessary to start and finish the project successfully. You also need to adopt a clear pathway or method for doing clear research rather than getting yourself confused.

Final Words

If you have just started working on your project and you need dissertation help, the above discussed mistakes and tips can be the best help for you and you must try to implement them in your project. If you don’t make these common mistakes, you can easily complete your project in time without any problem at all. It is also important to mention here that whatever topic you choose you must have interest in it as this will enable you to work without getting tired or fed up.